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ian lopez ian_lopez_1115 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 4 07:54:17 GMT 2008

Not only are they stealing our ish, they are not good "faultcheckers", as I found out barely an hour ago:

$ Where's the island that has "Hospicio de San Jose" on it? (OSM has the island, Google "sunk" it)

$ D Romualdez, Sr. is "part" of Natividad Almeda-Lopez

$ The Uniliver Philippines complex in Paco is being refered to its "old" name

$ They don't know where Robinson's Otis is (recently mapped on OSM, though under a landuse=retail tag)

$ They haven't realize that Phil. Normal University has an annex (just a walk away, in front of the main campus)

$ They don't have the acces roads within (most of) PGH

$ They ignore certain streams that "we" have

$ The last time I passed by Cash & Carry, I believe that it became a mall. (recently)

$ Misspellings and certain misinformation

$ They forgot where Mandarin Oriental Manila is (or they haven't got a clue what is that place)

$ There is no U-turn overpass on C5 (going to Bonifacio Global CIty

$ No update on the Bonifacio Global City area (they retained the old street plan) except for Serendra

$ Eastwood City looks "half-empty" in Google, seav's coverage pwns everyone

$ Borders are hopelessly and foolishly inaccurate

$ San Pablo City and Santa Cruz (in Laguna) are either woefully incomplete or totally ignored, other places are mostly blank except for certain major areas (a certain major area is Metro Manila)

and come on, with too much restrictions in its mapamker, I'd be better off with the tried, tested, and easy-to-fix OSM.

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I can kind of see why Google is targeting Philippines and other developing
countries. Its basically the same reason as we're doing Openstreetmap:
because there is no good online map available. In HK there are a couple, so
there is not as much need for another one. If you look at OSM for HK there's
very little there. 

I'm not sure that they're poaching contributors from a Creative Commons
project. Do you have any information  on this? However I'd be interested to
see where they got their data from. Of course they're a rich corporation and
can afford to pay for it. But it seems odd that the coverage of their data is
very similar to OSM -- mainly Metro Manila and not much beyond that. It seems to
correspond roughly with their coverage of high res photography. 


sorabsuperstar at web.de wrote, On Thursday, December 04, 2008 02:14 PM:
> I did now know about that project of google yet.
> ...and I am pretty confused and annoyed about google...AGAIN!
> I mean what shall this be good for? Certainly not for the greater good: 
> Poaching contributors from a creative commons project, in order to fill in
their own shortcommings in maping developing countries ....and commercializing
their contributions then for free. 
> Because this is exactly what they a shooting for. Only this! Check google
mapmaker in well maped areas like Europe or North America. There is NOTHING! Its
only in countries like Philippines and Vietnam.
> They saw that open communities do a good job in maping the white patches
on the world map, and now they are trying to "steal" it.
> If they'd put this all under an open license lice CC or GPL, it would
be fine.
> But this way ...

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