[talk-ph] another road renamed, another border duspute

ian lopez ian_lopez_1115 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 15 11:16:24 GMT 2008

>From what I had read in the recent days, 11th Jamboree Street from eds to Timog Avenue is now known as GMA Drive. This is similar to renaming Scout Albano to Eugenio Lopez, Jr. Drive a few years back.

Also, portions of Barangay San Lorenzo are being relocated to Barangays Pio del Pilar and Bangkal, whcih is  technically illegal (in my opinion), since it needs a law to be passed by both houses of Congress and the President's signature for it to be oficial. I'm not concerned with the motives behind it. Rather, I'm putting this up as a reminder: don't move the boundaries (for now).

These challenges for us isn't that exciting anyway. But I'm posting it for information's sake.

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