[talk-ph] A look at Wikimapia Beta (and advocating for OSM)

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 07:13:29 GMT 2008


> So who could know if there have been talks? Maning, you have any direct contact to the OSM administration?

Ed Parson the geospatial technology chief of Google knows and is aware
of the general OSM community's sentiments on G's MapMaker

I am not aware of any talks privately within OSM's admin.

>From Ed Parson's tone, I am skeptical wether they will share data
(imagery or data or both).  The resulting map tiles can be accessed
for free but not the underlying source data.

However, Eugene talked to the Google people during the local Google
Devfest and revealed some interesting plans:

> However this is something we cannot do in the Philippines. This needs to be taken care of from the top of OSM. I would volunteer to lead talks (did I yet mention that I am a lawyer?:)). However: WHO to talk to in OSM? Anyone a clue about who's in charge of those things? (Is there anyone at all?)

I suggest you send your inquiries to the main talk list or the legal
talk list of OSM.

>aggressively do PR, enlightening the public that anyone who is contributing to wikimapia or google mapmaker is actually working for free for the >pure benefits of certain other ppl (a concept formerly known as slavery?) . Unlike OSM where they work for free for the greater good. :)

Yes! Please do, I have to admit this a bit frustrating (did it a lot
times).  I guess some people just don't get it (Hey man! Google is
there to give us what we need). Or completely ignore the legal nuances
(Dude, 95% of software here is pirated so what's the problem with
Google Maps?).  Or it's just me.

Yes we need PR. But for me, I will most likely welcome and encourage
those who signed in and added a few data (at least these people are
already interested and invested a couple of time by adding data).
Then get on with mapping  and do some cool stuff with the data we
made.  ;)

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