[talk-ph] Trying out Merkaartor

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 05:41:57 GMT 2008

I haven't tried using JOSM because I don't have Java 1.5 on my laptop and
couldn't be bothered to install it. :-P But I really like how JOSM is
extensible via plugins and some of its nice rectification features (like
making a way with many intersections straight).

As you mentioned about Potlatch and it's snap to though, JOSM also has
>> snapping, yes, you can zoom in to entire screen = 1m to get around that,
>> but, it can be frustrating when JOSMs guide as to what will happen when you
>> create a node tells you it won't snap to another way, but, when you click 4
>> nearby ways all get pulled together, at least you can easily undo just that
>> last click, select the previous node and try again though and I seem to
>> recall there's some key stroke which you can use with the click to prevent
>> snapping, but, I forget...
> Ctrl-click - prevents snapping to existing ways or nodes in JOSM... :)
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