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sorabsuperstar at web.de sorabsuperstar at web.de
Fri Dec 26 05:19:39 GMT 2008

Hi all,

and merry Christmas. :)

Regarding the issue of Wikimapia using googles images for tracing, while we don't because we honor google's IP (...),
I would just like to update you that I do not take any action yet, because I am still monitoring the outcome of this talk on Ed Parsons Blog (http://www.edparsons.com/2008/10/who-map-is-it-anyway/). Apparently the public already increases the pressure on PArsons and Google to clarify the situation. 
Best case scenario: Google will generally allow it. 
However if they expressly forbit it and eforce this generally, it is also fine. 
Worst case scenario is what we have right now: Google is not allowing it, but tacitly tolerate it from Wikimapia; which in practical result means that decent projects like OSM are punished for their respect for google's IP.

Lets see. Eventually google has to react to this. They are tooo big to hide behind the tree. :)

Happy New YEar 


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