[talk-ph] from ianlopez' diary: Sorry, Manila

Maning Sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Dec 30 12:57:21 GMT 2008

Ianlopez needs some help in some messed-up rivers.  Don't have access to
a good net today so I can't revert it in potlatch.

Don't worry so much ianlopez.  Shit sometimes happens in the best of us.

While trying to improve Metro Manila, I saw spots while fixing the Pasig
River (somewhere in the Quezon Bridge portion, If I can recall it).
Apparently, I clicked on one green node, which was attached to a way.
That's where the problem started. After logging out, I saw my edits, and
some areas from Makati and Mandaluyong to Quiapo were "underwater".

I logged in again at 8 PM (PHT), and there were ways that were stacked,
with the same rendering.

===The Example=== 
---Layer 1: layer=-1, natural=water, waterway=river/riverbank--- 
---Layer 2: layer=-1, natural=water, waterway=river/riverbank--- 
---Layer 3: layer=-1, natural=water, waterway=river/riverbank--- 
---No more--- 
===End of Example===

I deleted the 2 layers, but I could delete the entire "river" in the
process. In some places, it has four layers. I urgently need help on how
to fix it.

Also, I'd like to aplologize to the Pinoy OSM community for screwing up
the crucial ways and/nodes that made the Pasig river possible.

This. Is. Not. A. Good. Day. For. Me.
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