[talk-ph] OSM - JOSM open discussion event this week

Maning Sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sat Nov 22 10:49:53 GMT 2008


Some insights on the OSM/JOSM discussion withh CSB students.

I prepared a presentation about OSM, OSM Philippines, neat stuff you can
do, and using JOSM. I really want to show the strength of OSM by showing
things you can do with the data like routing, the cyclemap, naga city
buildings, and of course the Metro Manila coverage.

Thanks to the bunch of "smart" people who organized the event.  If we
want to expand OSM Philippines, I believe that schools are a good
starting point.

To sum it up I'd say the presentation was well sub-optimal.  I feel I
was NOT able to deliver it well partly because of me (as the speaker)
and the circumstances around the venue.  Since this is the first and
hopefully not the last, I think we can learn much from the experience.

Some difficulties:
1. Enzo and Val (the smart people) prepared another presentation about
OSM, the points they discussed somehow "overlapped" with the points I
also want to discuss.  However, I particularly like the slides showing
the coverage of OSM zooming into the details on each slide, which I
wasn't able to do because, see next point.
1. There was no internet in the auditorium.  The talk I prepared was
designed in such a way that we can demonstrate the power of osm through
various web-based apps using OSM data.  

2. I talked a great deal about OSM as the only option for a good geodata
source for the country in terms of data licensing, quality and access.
It is an important issue and is central to why OSM was created, but, I
don't think this is of particular interest to most students.

3. It is particularly difficult to demonstrate JOSM editing on such a
big venue.  A smaller group provides better learning experience because
I can easily show keystrokes and shortcut keys as I edit with JOSM. 

Of course we can do better by:

1. Throwing participants into the water right away! Make sure there is
an internet connection in the venue.  Possibly a computer lab were the
participants can browse the slippymap, register to osm, and start
editing either by potlatch or josm.

2. Maybe include activities on how to use GPS and adding data using gps

3. Divide and plan the presentation well enough so we don't "overlap" on
some topics.

Maybe Enzo and others could add more.

As I said above, a roadshow to schools and universities is a good way to
expand OSM here.  And I thank Enzo, Val, Ian and Paolo for spearheading
this. Even if we can convert just one or two OSM-addict as a result, I
would be very much happy.


On Mon, 2008-11-17 at 18:53 +0800, Enzo Losantas wrote:
> Hello! 
> We are currently planning to do a simple OSM / JOSM presentation and
> discussion with 3rd yr College students from Lasalle-Benilde, taft
> campus - 2544 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004, this week (Wednesday or
> Thursday tentative).
> We are essentially planning to discuss and open this opportunity for
> these students to be aware of openstreetmap, get a feel of trying to
> do mapping edits (through JOSM) and probably entice them to be
> consistent contributors in the future as part of the growing Filipino
> mapping community!
> I encourage everyone to take part in this event and maybe contribute
> with a simple talk or a simple presentation in anything related to
> OSM / JOSM. Dont hesitate to contact me through joselorenzo at gmail.com
> or through this mailing list for further questions.
> Sorry for the late notice, but I do hope to hear from you soon! Keep
> in touch!
> Thanks!
> Enzo Losantas
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