[talk-ph] request for flickr map to use OSM in Manila and Davao

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Sat Aug 1 10:47:11 BST 2009

Excellent.  The guy who put together the code that flips from Yahoo map tiles to OSM ones for certain parts of the world gave a talk at SOTM 2009. They host the tiles themselves and do not update them often.  Since Flickr is partly or wholly owned by Yahoo, he admitted that they were not exactly in a hurry to convert to OSM, so it will be nice if they use Manila. We do have a great map now.

He said that they first did it to get out of an embarassment in time for the Beijing Olympics. Their map of Beijing had two roads and the name Beijing, and that was about it.  They have now extended to 16 cities as I recall, including Sydney.


At 04:38 AM 29/07/2009, maning sambale wrote:
>I use flickr.com all the time (maybe I should get a pro account).
>They have this cool feature to geocode pix within yahoomaps.  But the
>yahoo! streetmap is not very good here.
>So I sent a message to flickr's senior engineer (summary below, orig
>message was more polite):
>"Yahoo! streetmap not good in the Philipines, OSM waaaay better!
>Please use OSM data"
>They said they will look into next week.  Hope they do it since they
>are doing it in other cities anyway.

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