[talk-ph] AndNAV!

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Tue Aug 11 08:56:36 BST 2009

Navigation software for Android Phones. 

>From that page:
"This is where AndNav2 comes into play. AndNav2 is based on free map data provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM) so that it can provide real-time audible turn-by-turn route guidance. AndNav2 has unique features, such as Text-2-Speech, an accessibility-study (aka 'Where can I get in 30 minutes') or avoiding customizable areas (e.g. traffic-jams or a broken bridge), TpegML Traffic-Feeds and more. AndNav2 will also contribute back GPS traces to the OSM project, so when you have driven an unknown route, expect it to be up online within a week or even sooner.

AndNav1 and AndNav2 fully interact with all the capabilities provided by the Android platform: Text-2-Speech, accessing your contacts, high-quality graphics and fast internet access, all combined in an easy-to-use interface.

    * AndNav1 was solely developed by Nicolas Gramlich
    * AndNav2 is being developed in cooperation with Pascal Neis from openrouteservice.org. "

Not involved myself, just thought it might be interesting. 


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