[talk-ph] GPS logger/receiver on Linux

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Wed Aug 19 08:18:26 BST 2009

Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. wrote, On Wednesday, 19 August, 2009 10:16 AM:
> Yep, TangoGPS is good stuff! I got the stable version from their
> website. Tried it this morning on a short walk. 

Taking your laptop for a walk ... might be considered as a bit nerdy by some ... :-)
> I am trying to get mtkbabel (http://sourceforge.net/projects/mtkbabel/)
> to download tracks from it 

I seem to recall gpsbabel may help you out here getting the tracks off the unit. If you're lucky and its in a format it understands ... Otherwise I guess it wouldn't be too horrible to install the connection software on a windows box which you could use when you need to pull off data files. 
> I got josm working fine, but I'm a bit unfomfortable with it yet. 

It really needs a bigger screen than the eeepc to use it well. Same with Mercaartor. So it might be better to use these editors when you're back at home rather than in the field. 


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