[talk-ph] Fwd: [OSM-talk] RR8 - Possible International Vandal(assistance required in various countries)

Marloue Pidor murlwe at mail2Engineer.com
Mon Aug 31 05:10:59 BST 2009

I have the same experience with the contributor "Anthony Balico" he add
many roads mostly big edits and these roads overlaps the existing roads.
For instance this:

The "Davao-Surigao" road (primary road) was edited by Maning the the
data was authentic because it came from me (i shared my data to maning)
then there is an overlap trunk road (i removed the road classification
so that the road will not appear on the map) and when I checked the
traces uploaded by the contributor I found none.

And here's another one from contributor Pelegrino Jessie:

When I checked the yahoo image there was no thing to map in the area (I
just don't know, I've not been in the area).



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>Hi list,
>Attention was drawn to the OSM user RR8 last night on IRC. It appears
>that they have been producing /apparently/ deconstructive edits at a
>high frequency since late Saturday evening (server time).
>Edits primarily are the reclassification of highways to a different
>level. This has occured frequently in the East Midlands (often
>including a change of reference number that cannot be confirmed from
>other sources), places in Ireland where under-construction motorways
>have been marked as opened, and a few reclassifications elsewhere,
>most notably Iceland.
>The edits appear to look constructive, but are more likely to be
>destructive. Ideally, someone local to the areas in question should
>check a few of the changes, or we could get people from the mailing
>list to consider the edits as a whole to decide what's to be done
>about them.
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