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Wed Dec 23 15:51:46 GMT 2009

Hi Maning,

I'm a new user to OSM and have begun adding missing routes, adding detail and improving routing to OSM map.

I encourage you to take a look at my edits and steer me in the right direction if there is something I can work on improving in my mapping.


I expect to continue adding features and correcting mistakes as I make trips by car and foot, so really any feedback that will help improve the updates I make are welcome.

FYI I'm using an iPhone with MotionX GPS to do the tracking, so precision so it's not super precise.

I have a Garmin 860, which apparently is unable to log a track. I was unaware of the fact that some Garmin units have a secret logging feature that could be used to log a track.

Anyway, the precision of the iPhone seems OK as long as the satellites are in clear view.

Take care
Michael "Sehested" Riber
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