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Thanks for posting Eugene!  I will reply in the separate threads
later.  Still in holiday mood and no mapping lately. :)

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 1:14 PM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello guys,
> First of all, Merry Christmas to all of you!
> Maning, Neil and I discussed several things after going out mapping parts of
> Cubao. The topics mostly revolved around things that the Philippine OSM
> community can focus on in 2010.
> ------------------------
> There is a plan to change the license of the OSM database from CC-BY-SA to
> ODbL
> <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Open_Database_License>. There's been a
> lot
> of debate on the main OSM mailing list but we think most OSM-PH contributors
> are
> quite oblivious to this. We think that the vast majority of the OSM-PH
> contributors don't really particularly care under what license the OSM data
> is
> under, but for the few who do care, I will start a separate e-mail thread
> for
> this so that we can discuss the reasons for the move and the implications.
> -------------------------------
> We think that more frequent and regular Micro Mapping Parties in vicinity of
> Metro Manila would be better in order to reach newbies and share mapping
> techniques and create a more social/friendly interaction among mappers.
> Instead of asking everyone on which date they are free, we will just set
> fixed
> dates and people can choose to attend the Parties when they are free. We are
> also looking to get sponsorships for these events (most likely the local
> Garmin
> distributors).
> Davao mappers and other areas can schedule their own regular events.
> Other ideas for mapping events:
>  - Mapping slums/urban poor areas - ala mapkibera.org
>  - Use TODA (transport groups) to speed up "road naming" within their
>    respective routes. We could trace streets from Yahoo! print it then give
> it
>    to jeepney/tricycle drivers to verify.
>  - Organize mapping events among local college and universities
> ----------------
> We currently have 4 GPStogo <http://www.osmfoundation.org/wiki/GPStogo>
> units
> courtesy of the OSM Foundation. Aside from Ian Lopez' unit, the other units
> are
> currently underutilized. We probably should not ask for more units until we
> can
> find a way to maximize these GPS units. Any ideas?
> --------------------
> The formation of OSM-PH org/local chapter has stalled for quite some time.
> We
> need to finally formalize our group in order to get more visibility, legal
> representation and other benefits for the community. We'll follow up with
> Andre
> of Enthropia regarding the incorporation and see if the community can
> provide
> help.
> Here are some of the activities that having a legal entity can help with:
>  - Expanding network and other connections (NAMRIA, LGUs, others)
>  - Turn-over of openstreetmap.org.ph domain for maintenance and site
> improvement
>  - Turn-over administration of GPStogo units from Maning to the org
>  - Push for State of the Map (the OSM international conference) 2012 (before
> the
>    world ends :-) in the Philippines or organize a local conference.
> -------------------
> I'm sure most of you guys know or have seen the 1:1,000,000 scale "Roadmap
> of
> the Philippines" map produced by National Bookstore. This map is quite
> popular
> but very outdated (copyright 1985). I think creating an OSM-branded
> "updated"
> version is quite doable as a 2010 project for the community. We only need to
> have GPS-referenced traces of the national roads and we don't need too much
> detail. (And at that scale, even bad GPS traces would still be usable!)
> If we can produce such a map (at that scale), we can sell such maps and
> generate
> funds to help in other local OSM projects (mapping parties, conferences,
> purchasing of GPS units, etc). Plus, such maps are excellent publicity
> material
> for OpenStreetMap.
> -----------------------------------
> There have been discussions this year about declaring Makati "road
> complete".
> I highlighted some issues regarding this because of our too much reliance to
> Yahoo! imagery. One obvious problem are satellite image stitching issues.
> For
> example look at this portion of Buendia near the RCBC Plaza:
> <http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=s&lat=14.561462&lon=121.016302&zoom=18> You can
> easily see that there are 2 Buendia's there. The Makati data should be
> evaluated
> by an independent "person" before we declare it as road complete.
> Any comments and reactions? Let's start separate e-mail threads to tackle
> each
> topic and also if you have other ideas. :-)
> Eugene (osm:seav)
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