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I am a newbie here, and was listed in this list just a few weeks back.

Using Nuvi 205w, with the latest OSM-PH Garmin Map.

Report no 1: NLEX-SCTEX connection

I went to Subic thru the NLEX-SCTEX route and noticed that the Subic bound connection from NLEX to SCTEX is erronneous. It doesnt route correctly from the NLEX to the SCTEX interchange. From NLEX, it does not direct you to the SCTEX exit, but tells you to go straight further the northbound NLEX route. Once you enter the SCTEX tollgate, the GPS tells you to go straight to the end of the tollway in Tarlac, and make a u-turn there and go back to Subic bound lane.

Report no 2. SCTEX Dinalupihan Interchange

From the SCTEX to Bataan, via Dinalupihan Interchange, the exit track is also erronneous. It has a number of hanging roadways that  are non-existent.

I can update the minor ones, however, I need you help in connecting the nodes on the interchanges so it will route correctly from NLEX to SCTEX, and also from SCTEX down to the Dinalupihan interchange.

I have the GPX file with me (courtesy of the Garmin's trip log feature), I can upload or send it, I just need someone to guide me on the complex node connections.

Regards and Happy New year to all.


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