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It was really great meeting everyone last Saturday. Maning essentially gave
a good and comprehensive report.

A few other points:

A mapping party was mentioned. Somewhere accessible from Metro Manila (where
most people are) and that is not covered by Yahoo's aerial imagery is a good
place. I suggested Tagaytay. Sta. Rosa might also be good.

The interest of real estate people in OSM is based on using the data/map as
a base map for providing vicinity information for property listings. OSM is
not meant for doing cadastral surveys so that's not what they are after. I
think the idea is to have real estate listings like what U.S. realtors do
with street maps of the U.S. in Google Maps.

Yellowasp.com was mentioned as having a supposedly good Flash-based map of
Makati. I checked it out and I'm not too impressed. It's IS usable for
finding buildings in the Makati CBD though.

Jim gave a short account of his mapping Malapascua Island in Cebu.

The government needs to get its act together in providing an up-to-date and
integrated geographical information of the Philippines, especially
concerning the problem of real estate appraisal (where the local appraisal
often conflicts with the national appraisal). The Philippine Standard
Geographic Code of the National Statistical Coordination Board was
mentioned, but it not enough.

That's some of the other points I remember. Maybe somebody can fill in more

~ Eugene / seav

On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 11:17 AM, maning sambale
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> Hi,
> Some report on the meet-up last Saturday (20090207) at Grappas in
> Greenbelt 3.
> 7 people attended the meet-up ( a geospatial researcher, a computer
> hardware engineer, an IT/real property consultant, an IT security
> consultant and his relation, a travel site/webcam/python hacker, and a
> java programmer ). Mostly geeky (not the looks) but all are free map
> lover.
> The pizza was good and the micro-brewed beer was excellent.
> On the way to Makati, I turned-on my GPS to test my new update of
> Openstreetmap data for Garmin. The data for EDSA is quite good for my
> GPS, I did found a few bugs (missing flyover).  Just in front of
> Grappas is the PowerMac center so I opened openstreetbugs and reported
> the missing flyover I passed by ;).
> The transcript below some of the things discussed (please fill in
> missing things):
> On forming an organization:
> We had a previous mail discussion on "should we have a formal
> organization representing OSM Philippines" so this was a main
> discussion point in Grappas.  Basically two points were raised:
> 1. There is a need to create a "legal personality" for OSM Philippines
> to be able to represent the group to various institutions and to be
> able to access funding support if needed.  There are a 3 options to
> choose from: as a foundation, as a non-profit or as an NGO.  The
> minimum requirements would be a SEC registration and an annual
> reporting. The pros for this is, we as a group can engage in formal
> tie-ups, sponsorships and project grants.  If we can access such
> opportunities, we can greatly expand OSM Philippines advocacy.
> 2. Do we need one already (as in ngayon na)? Creating a formal org
> needs a lot of work specifically paper work. Is there anybody here
> committed to take on such task?  Many of us would rather just do
> mapping (fun) than do organizing and coordinating (not so fun, but
> maybe fun to others).  Judging by the
> number of people in the meet-up, we guess just not yet.
> But the prospect of having an org is a good proposition and we are leaving
> the
> options open.  We hope someone can take on the challenge and help us.
> As matter of "urgency", one of us shared an incident where a local
> volunteer group just doesn't see a need to formally organize and yet
> after six months, they need a formal org to attend and represent the
> group to some event.
> On the the GPStoGO program:
> I brought the GPS units with me to show to the group.  Many thanks to
> those who pitched in and share the load to cover the custom duties.
> Currently, 3 units are with me.  One is with Michael Cole.  Anybody
> can request a reservation via this mailinglist and the wikipage:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Philippines/GPStogo_program
> Possible collaboration with the realtors and property
> brokers/appraisers:
> One attendee is a member of a "federation or real property
> appraisers/brokers" (can't remember the exact name of the
> federation).  He raised the problem with geographic data of Phil. real
> properties and sees an oppurtunity to collaborate with OSM.  I see
> this as a good opportunity for the group and perhaps we coud think of
> ways we can help them.  No specifics for now, but I hope we can discuss
> them here.
> On helping new mappers:
> A concern was raised on how we can help new mappers.  I am seeing a
> lot of contributors lately and we should make it a point to help
> newbies.  An important lesson was while some of the "little things"  maybe
> obvious to "seasoned mappers", it may not be so for newbies.  In
> short, we should make it a point to welcome new mappers and point them
> towards the appropriate documentation/guide/wikipage to get them
> started the right way.
> Overall, the group was a great bunch and perhaps we could meet again
> (hopefully bigger).
> On other things:
> I was also invited by a local car group the Subaru Club of the
> Philippines last wednesday (2000204) to talk about OSM and GPS.  I
> think I gave a fair amount of overview of what our project is all
> about, but I think it was too much info overload for the group (too
> much geeky stuff in my slides ;)).  They
> like Openstreetmap very much because they can use it for their GPS and
> and is willing to contribute data.  Collborations with other local
> groups like this can greatly expand our reach especially to end-users
> of the data.  There will be another round of discussions with them and
> will post details.  Hope you can also join.
> --
> cheers,
> maning
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