[talk-ph] Quick Promotion

Ahmed Farooq ahmed at enthropia.com
Fri Feb 13 17:23:12 GMT 2009

Hiya guys,

Today I sent out an email about a stats hiccup we had on TopBlogs.com.ph I
extended the email to talk about OpenStreetMap.org.ph, what it is for, and
how we need their help promoting it.

There are over 3000 *active* blogs on the site.

On a related note - the search engine juice is starting to flow into the
website. Yesterday we broke 10 referrers by the search engines - 13 in total
in fact (7 from Google, 6 from Yahoo). I am looking into installing Piwik on
the server so we can share the stats more easily.

I believe that the email we sent out to the TopBlogs.com.ph will be a good
boon for traffic and awareness. But I also believe that we can do more :)



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