[talk-ph] some osm-ph database stats as 20090211

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Feb 18 17:30:30 GMT 2009

At 11:46 AM 18/02/2009, maning sambale wrote:
>His some stats as of 20090211
>Total Ways: 56064
>Total Nodes: 588281
>Total Relations: 40
>Highway length sums (metres):  33456642m (roughly 16% of roads
>according to CIA Factbook)
>Total number of contributors: 150
>total nodes belonging to the top 30 contributors: 580227 (99%)
>total ways belonging to the top 30 contributors: 55307 (99%)
>What does this tell me?
>1.  Contributors are increasing (+20% as of 20090114)
>2.  Data contributed are also increasing (+5% as of 20090114)
>3.  99% of all data are contributed by the top 30 active mappers.
>While we are increasingly becoming popular the number of active
>mappers are just a third of all contributors?
>How do you interpret the stats?

It sounds very encouraging, particularly the number contributors that have at least had a go.  

Even in the UK, which must have several thousand contributors, I believe a study last year showed that 80% was contributed by just ?40? contributors.

If easy to do, it would be interesting to calculate what percentage was contributed by, say, the top 5 contributors.  The lower that figure is, the more folks other than the original core contributors are getting active.


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