[talk-ph] OSM Vacation Offer

Andre Marcelo-Tanner andre at enthropia.com
Thu Feb 19 08:14:36 GMT 2009


Got an offer here I think would be hard to resist, summer is coming and 
Boracay is a hot spot, we own Boracay.com.ph and have decided to develop 
it to its full potential, essentially we would like Boracay mapped.

It's a great cross over for both commercial and open source purposes.

So, we are looking to pay 25,000 pesos for someone to go and map and 
index all of Boracay, the entire island.  By index we mean gather 
information on every single point of interest (beaches, restaurants, 
hotels etc), get that location's GPS coords, picture with a Digicam and 
map the place out in OSM.

So who's up for a vacation? E-mail me at andre at enthropia.com if you want 
to discuss further.


Andre Marcelo-Tanner

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