[talk-ph] OSM Vacation Offer + OpenStreetMap.org.ph Stats

Ahmed Farooq ahmed at enthropia.com
Thu Feb 19 16:10:56 GMT 2009

Bah bids :) Our entire purpose was to 1) Ideally work within the existing
OSM community and 2) Use it as a good example of open source working with a
commercial example.

Yesterday was the advocacy website's highest traffic day - 64 uniques
(ignoring the day when we sent out the TopBlogs.com.ph massmail, which
resulted in almost 200 uniques). Of those 64, 24 of them found us through
search engines - 11 Google, 11 Yahoo, and 4 MSN/Live. 20 different keywords
were used - which means we are getting a good random spread of people - from
'urdaneta city map' to 'streets map of bacolod city' to 'free street map of
manila philippines'. While the bounce rate is high, the fact that it is not
100% (it is 61%) means that people, likely after finding the map they were
looking for, still do explore what the site is about. This means they should
end up learning about the OSM Project - which is good for all.

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