[talk-ph] Bulk contributors in the Philippines and the ODbL license

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Mar 5 20:58:51 GMT 2009

Hallo again,

Regarding the OSM's new license process that I just emailed about, I have a question for you.

With Germany, the Philippines community has taken an aggressive lead in getting contributions of bulk data from government authorities. Is it necessary to make them aware that we may move to a new license and could there be any repercussion of that?  

It is still a very similar license - community, private and commercial use OK as long as attribution and share-alike clauses are met - but a change is a change.

At the moment we are encouraging informal dialogue with some of our really big contributors such as AND in Holland and perhaps you want to do the same.  I'd be grateful for any feedback.  If you feel there is a need to make a formal approach, I recommend we wait until we can have a final copy of the license and a clear indication that it is going to be accepted by the OSM community as a whole.

OSMF License Working Group

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