[talk-ph] sample addresses

Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. raw at develo.ltd.uk
Sun Mar 22 01:43:11 GMT 2009

In preparing for the address entry system, it would be useful to have a
lot of different address types, so we know we will be able to handle all
of them.
If they can be listed like this, it will make complete sense for
everyone: (including me :) )

999 San Nicolas Dos         - House Number + Barangay (note: "Dos" is
frequently replaced by "2" or "II")
Magalang, Pampanga 2011     - Town, Province + postal code

99 Gen. Segundo St.         - House Number + Street name
Heroes Hill                 - Area or Subdivision
Quezon City                 - City

Rizal Street 999            - Street name + house number
Barangay Lourdes            - Barangay
Angeles City 2009           - City + postal code

Ground Floor, Manzen Bldg   - Floor + Building name
Santo Rosario St            - Street
Angeles, 2009               - City (note lack of word city) + postal code
(this one i particularly annoying, as I could walk up and down the
entire Sto Rosario St without ever figuring out which building it is, as
building names rarely are advertised very visibly. Our db and system
should ideally be able to translate this into a house number)

Lot 99 Blk. 1 Road Lot 6 Phase 1  - lot number + block number + ????? +
phase number
Pacific Heights Subd.             - subdivision
Brgy. Tamayo, Calaca              - barangay + area within barangay (?)
Batangas City                     - city

Lot 3 Blk 11                      - lot number + block number
Lipa Country Estate Bulacnin      - Subdivision + I assume Bulacnin is
either an area or a barangay (?)
Lipa City                         - city

Lot 18 Blk 18 Phase 3B            - lot number + block number + phase
number (and letter!)
The Ridge Brgy. San Gregorio      - subdivision name and barangay (note
lack of comma)
Laurel, Batangas                  - town, province

If we can compile a list of all kinds of normal and weird addresses and
their meaning, that would be great! Then we can make it as easy as
possible to first of all enter them, but secondly, automatically detect
them and match with an existing address in the database.


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