[talk-ph] An Update from our Side

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Tue Mar 24 00:54:27 GMT 2009

Ahmed Farooq wrote, On Tuesday, March 24, 2009 07:44 AM:
> First off - Jim did a fantastic job mapping out Boracay. Great link by
> Maning for comparison's sake -
> http://tools.geofabrik.de/mc/?mt0=googlemap&mt1=mapnik&lon=121.9283&lat=11.9
> 6235&zoom=16

Aw, shucks ... but as they say "A map is never finished ..." Maybe we should get that printed into t-shirts ...

I realise there's still some work to do on the Boracay area to get everything consistent. There were one or two paths behind White Beach I didn't manage to get to, but I found a local OSM mapper down there - Wtmitchell - who's helping me fill in the gaps. Wish I'd discovered him before I went down there! We're also working on standardising the tags so that resorts which aren't strictly speaking buildings but are currently tagged as such, will appear more accurately. 

I've cleaned up a lot of the coastline, but the changes haven't filtered through to the main OSM map yet. The Osmarenderer version seems to be totally broken right now .... :-( 

Still to do are the following, so if anyone in the group fancies helping out with these then by all means get in there. 

 - I wasn't quite clear on how to represent the three Barangays down there. I made a stab at it, but it clearly isn't right. Any ideas?

 - Some resorts and restaurants still aren't on the map, and more are being built every day down there. If you're off to Boracay over Holy Week, then maybe you could check the area around your hotel. 

 - The GPS co-ordinates for the front of the resorts is pretty correct, but mostly I've just had to guess how far back they extend from the beach / road. If you can add any intelligence in this regard, then go for it. What would be fantastically useful is an arial image of the island (better resolution than the Google one), but I can't find one anywhere. Anyone know where I can find one? Anyone friends with someone owning a plane at Caticlan airport?

Actually, I started reading up on DIY arial images, and found out there are a number of initiatives taking arial photos using cameras mounted in model planes, kites and balloons. The results are pretty good, and it seems that this would be a great tool for mapping out remote areas of the Philippines. Well just a thought anyway ... 


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