[talk-ph] What level of POIs do we add? (was Click the City)

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I agree!

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>OK, well as everyone has an opinion on this one ... :-)
>Eugene Alvin Villar wrote, On Wednesday, May 06, 2009 08:20 PM:
>> It's tempting to mark out in OSM all of the Jollibee, McDonald's, and
>> Starbucks branches in the Philippines but I'm wondering if this is
>> Do we mark out every retail store, every bank branch, every Western
>> Union/FedEx/LBC outlet, and every company's office in OSM? My
>> take is that we don't need to.
>I can think of at least two ways in which such information would be
useful. If
>you're using Fast food outlets to navigate by then knowing the name is
>"turn left at the McDonalds". Fast food outlets are actually quite
convenient to
>navigate by because they have BIG signs and instantly recognisable
>which everyone knows. So yes, I can see a use for names here. 
>Another use would be if you were looking for an ATM in a certain area.
Not all
>cards work with all banks, so its useful to know the brand of bank
>dealing with. So here again its useful to have the name of the bank. 
>> One big problem is multi-storey malls like SM Megamall that have
>> hundreds of tenants. It'll be quite unwieldy to maintain and edit
>> overlapping POIs in such a small land area.
>Definitely. Let people go inside and use the store directory for that.
>again, if there is a store visible from the outside, which will help
with visual
>navigation, then sure, why not put it in?
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