[talk-ph] editing admin boundaries of Marikina

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Thu May 28 05:09:30 BST 2009

> Having the internal boundaries is actually a con. The boundary of Marikina
> is its borders with other entities (like Pasig and Antipolo). The internal
> "boundaries" are more properly boundaries of the barangays, not of Marikina
> itself.
Not entirely, IMO
A barangay (which I treat as a single polygon unit) is within a
municipality (a collection of barangay polygons) which is within a
province (a collection municipality polygons) with a few exceptions of
course and so on and so forth.

> In addition, because these internal boundaries are included in the relation,
> they are being drawn as admin_level=6 (per the relation tag) in Mapnik,
This is a rendering problem.

> though the presence of area=yes seems to mess things up.
I think I removed them in Marikina

let's discuss this more.

Incidentally, at work, I'm looking at using the NCSB codes for
codifying provincial polygons.  Does anybody use this at all?

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