[talk-ph] new high-res images available from digitalglobe

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Oct 20 00:30:49 BST 2009


DigitalGlobe provided high-res images for some areas affected by
Pepeng in Northern Luzon.  I am downloading them now.  Might take 1
full day (maybe more) to finish.
I would like to share them to the group so that they can help tracing
the roads.  However, I don't think DigitalGlobe allows for public
access of the images.  Any suggestion how we can proceed?

Maybe a satellite tracing party?  @ Mikel, can you share your
experience with Gaza?  AFAIK, you have access to highres images in the
area but a similar non-public release of the images ws part of the

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