[talk-ph] Announcing the OSM-PH GPS Map release 20090912

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 15:31:20 BST 2009

We are pleased to announce the new release (20090913) of the OSM-PH
Garmin GPS Map.  This release is another important milestone for the
OSM-PH Garmin GPS Map project.

This the second release who graduated from our new release cycle.  The
general release cycle is every two months (1 month for pre-release
testing and 1 month for the regular release). Thanks to all those who
tested and provided feedback.

What's new in this release
 - data as of 20090912, thanks to all the 292 contributors
 - 42,900 ++ kilometers of roads
 - new map design
  -- thinner consistent road style
  -- smaller two-tone POI icons
 - a lot more POIs
 - more polygons
 - new towns/cities mapped
 - compiled with mkgmap version 1173

Known bugs:
 - Address search is not working
 - No polygon for sea areas
 - POI icons not visible using 3D mode in some units

See my blog for a visual log of this release:

Before installing the new maps, please remove the previous OSM-PH
Garmin GPS Map following the instructions here:

To download the maps, go here:


Other experimental GPS maps are also available:

As usual for data problems, go fix it at:

For bug reports, post a message either at the wiki discussions page:

Or via our svn/trac site:

You need to login first, use this generic account.
username: osmphgps AT gmail DOT com
password: osmphgps




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