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The video is in German but you get the idea.  Mapping things like this
is why OSM shines over any other webmap.

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I just saw an item on OSM in (a rerun) of Quarks & Co on the German TV station
WDR. It was about mapping the inner city of Bonn for wheelchairs. Nice example
of micromapping, where mappers were even measuring the height of the curbs and
inclination of streets (both very important for wheelchair users).

The video [1] is available on Quarks & Co's website [2]. All in German, but
google's translate does a decent job of the website.

[1] http://www.wdr.de/tv/quarks/videos/flashplayer.jsp?mid=84793
[2] http://www.wdr.de/tv/quarks/sendungsbeitraege/2009/0915/008_karten.jsp


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