[talk-ph] To save the electronic items.

Michael Cole colemichae at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 09:34:28 BST 2009

First thing is if you cannot do anything with them straight away place into a 
bucket of clean water and leave there. The cleaner the better.

Next is to dry them off. If you can safely remove the case do so and let drain.

If you can get alcohol pour over the device, It can damage some plastics so be 

This will wash away excess dirt and residue but will not be completely perfect 

Dry and shake then place into a bag with Silica Gel (the stuff in the little 
bags "do not eat" you get with vitamins and shoes.). 

This will remove moisture from the bag ,therefore the device will be dried 

Power the device up after 2 or 3 days in bag, depending on the size of the 
device and the amount of water you think was left in it after the shaking dry.

Do Not heat the devices, LCD's and other components don't like to get hot.

I dunked My phone on Saturday walking in the floods and 24 Hours of bag and 
Silica Gel Worked wonders. 

You can buy it at good Photo stores, there are other gels but im not sure how 
good they are. I Have two large bags of silica gel the size of two fists each, 
and they worked perfectly.

Taking Photos in the Rain put Camera in plastic Bag and Gel in Bag, it should 
remove any water, or mist from the inside of the bag.

This is what I have normally done for all the items I have sunk in the past..

So it may or may not work 100% of the time..

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