[talk-ph] Is this a "bad sign" for OSM-PH? (or just a very disgruntled user)

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Sat Apr 3 11:45:40 BST 2010

In most cases it is not vandalism, just an overeager user.

Several things of importance to me in this "case" (taken from totor's
1.  He (let's assume a male user) mentioned that he is a Bacolod
resident, therefore he knows more of the area than any of us.  It
would be good if we can convert him to be a good OSMer rather than
label his contributions as outright vandalism.
2.  He also mentioned that there were roads there already but
disappeared for some unknown reason.  He maybe pertaining to the
bacolod case last february.
It would be good to point out that the previous contributions were
removed because the editor admitted that the source was not fit for
OSM's purpose.
3.  He is a having a difficult time uploading his traces, can we just
teach him how to do it?

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