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On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 11:29 AM, tutubi
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> hi maning,
> hope you don't mind my many questions, but how do I properly tag
No problem, I try to answer as much as I can.  I suggest you also
submit your queries to to talk-ph so that more people can give
suggestions to confuse you even more. :D

> numerous handicraft stores and art galleries of Paete? i've added some
> streets, grocery stores, cafes and bars but not the handful of
> handicraft stores i've recorded.

There are no official tag for this but the shop tag is open-ended and
you can probably add anything


If you want it rendered in the Garmin map file a trac request and
suggest an icon.  Instructions for trac reporting here:

> on another note, I've added a road that goes out to Laguna Lake to
> Wawa Park, the park is there on the map but the road, running along
> the concrete gutters of Paete Creek, isn't included. Was the road
> deleted out or not allowed to be included on the map because it's
> assumed to be underwater?

You can of course add them.  Probably add some note=submerged when
flooding or something else.

> here are pictures of the place, with even a pick-up truck present at
> the park linked by a concrete road to Manila East Road and paete town
> center
> http://www.backpackingphilippines.com/2010/04/gilik-free-tilapia-in-paetes-wawa-park.html

Nice!  Are the kandulis in Paete also gilik free?

> thanks
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