[talk-ph] paete handicraft stores and art galleries

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Wed Apr 7 08:53:37 BST 2010

On 4/7/10, maning sambale <emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com> wrote:

> There are no official tag for this but the shop tag is open-ended and
> you can probably add anything
> Suggestion:
> shop=handicrafts
> or
> shop=wood_carving

will do this later. how about art galleries? shop=art_gallery?

> If you want it rendered in the Garmin map file a trac request and
> suggest an icon.  Instructions for trac reporting here:
> http://esambale.wikispaces.com/osmphil_garmin

> You can of course add them.  Probably add some note=submerged when
> flooding or something else.

wawa park was submerged by Pepeng last year 'til around december...and
so were areas beyond the highway (Manila East Road...even parts of the
highway between Paete and Pakil was submerged) as well as other
communities around the lake for months. there's a children's
playground, basketball court, monuments and other structures. Can I
add that it's like a 1.6 lane road? a car and tricycle can pass on the
narrow concrete road, streets of Paete are like that so i will add the
navigable roads only.

>> http://www.backpackingphilippines.com/2010/04/gilik-free-tilapia-in-paetes-wawa-park.html
> Nice!  Are the kandulis in Paete also gilik free?

yep, saw some fresh kanduli unloaded from bancas too. Gilik is
seasonal, when it's in season, people don't buy fish so poor fishermen
suffer more. Some people selling gilik-positive fish will try to hide
but you can smell the aromatic "flavor," and it's too cheap to be
true. Gilik-positive fish is safe to eat but the taste and smell will
turn you off. It's been quite some time since I smelled it. Bighead
(some kind of carp from China) is also sold there as well as on the
lakeshore towns of rizal for about P50/kilo

I explore, therefore I blog.


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