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I've been to Paete approximately same time last year (but not in that area). Sure, you can add those things on the map. For roads that aren't submerged at the time of your trip, here are my suggested tags:

Foot only - highway=footway; foot=yes
Foot and bicycle (with and without side car) - highway=cycleway
Foot, bicycle and motorcycle (without side car) - highway=pedestrian
Foot, bicycle, and motorcycle (with side car) - highway=living_street
Passable by car - highway=residential

For access restrictions, go to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access

I also made a few tweaks in the area, per my observations in the area (Paete Poblacion)

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Wawa park was submerged by Pepeng last year 'til around december...and
so were areas beyond the highway (Manila East Road...even parts of the
highway between Paete and Pakil was submerged) as well as other
communities around the lake for months. there's a children's
playground, basketball court, monuments and other structures. Can I
add that? it's like a 1.6 lane road? A car and tricycle can pass on the
narrow concrete road, streets of Paete are like that so I will add the
navigable roads only.
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