[talk-ph] Kumusta?

Marloue Pidor murlwe at mail2Engineer.com
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Hi Craig I'm Marloue from Davao City. I prepared cheat sheet for OSM you
may use this to facilitate your mapping.




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>Hello, everyone.
>This is just a short introductory note...
>My name is Craig Hartel, and I live in Dawson Creek, BC Canada. I am
married to
>a Cebuana from Cebu City and I have family and friends there. I am a
>technician, working for the government of BC with the Ministry of
Forests. I
>have been in the mapping field since 1992.
>My work has mostly centred around resource inventories and the issuance
>tenures for road building and other resource development.
>I have a great love for the Philippines and I am eager to help with the
>efforts. I would guess it would be logical for me to start in the Cebu
City /
>Talisay City area as those are where I am most familiar.
>While new to OSM, I hope to quickly learn how to use the available
tools and
>contribute in a meaningful way. I also have contacts in Cebu who have
GPS units
>who have stated that the would collect data points whenever they can.
>I've joined the OSM - Philippines member list already, and I would love
to hear
>you recommendations for the best tool set(s) to use for mapping
>Any advice you have would be appreciatively received.
>Salamat po!

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