[talk-ph] What's a nice place in Tagaytay for the Cavite Mapping Party?

Andre Marcelo-Tanner andre at enthropia.com
Thu Aug 26 11:07:44 BST 2010

True, i might be better after to just compile the GPS tracks to one 
person who might want to do a visualization or else, we just have fun 
after and relax and make kwento. Maybe teach some of the newcomers on a 
laptop etc.
I agree with that post though for newcomers, an introduction to the 
project and mapping should be given and what were are going to do. Those 
who know what goes on are fine but the new ones probably have no idea 
what were going to do or whos going to do what or who are the teams etc. 
Or theyre just sitting around waiting while we organize everything, so 
some overview of the activities for the day would be good.

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