[talk-ph] JOSM editing tip

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Mon Dec 13 03:37:26 GMT 2010

Came across this on someone's blog - something I didn't know how to do in JOSM before. It always used to irritate me if ways were joined together, but this will definitely make editing them easier.


"I think the problem is that although it is easy to create a way onto of another, nobody knows how to edit them. If you click the line it will only select one of the ways. Using JOSM, if you middle click the line(or left & right click on laptops) a box will appear along side describing each way. Before releasing the mouse button, hold down the Control key to keep that box there (you can now release the mouse button) and while the control key is still pressed you can go and click the description of the way you want. Let go of everything and the way you want should be selected for whatever editing you wish to do. Sounds complicated doesn’t it, but once you’ve done it it’s easy enough to do again."


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