[talk-ph] Navteq/Nokia finally shows their mapping data for the Philippines

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Sun Feb 7 05:11:07 GMT 2010

On Sun, Feb 7, 2010 at 12:55 PM, maning sambale
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> Out of simple curiosity, is there a way to detect that some of our
> data was conflated into the navteq ph coverage?  I believe navteq
> contracted a local company to update Philippine data.

Based on the areas I've seen, I don't think they got any data from OSM. And
it doesn't match any other dataset I've seen (Google, Mapcental, etc.). I
think they did their own tracing based on satellite imagery Nokia bought for
itself. If you look at the data coverage in OVI Maps, there's a well-defined
line just north of Tagaytay where their coverage of detailed roads abruptly
ends. This indicates that the roads were traced from satellite imagery
(likely DigitalGlobe, since DG has nice square images) or aerial imagery.
Google doesn't have satellite imagery this far south of Cavite so I'm sure
Navteq didn't trace from Google's imagery.

>  > Looking at their maps, the road data for Metro Manila and surrounding
> area
> > seems good and somewhat up-to-date (though I can easily spot several
> > out-of-date portions). For instance they barely pass my Bonifacio Global
> > City test but fail the C-5 extension test. Coastline data is pretty bad,
> on
> > the other hand.
> >
> > In terms of coverage, I think they can match Google's Map Maker data.
> Is navteq's data similiar to G's MMaker outside Metro Manila?

Google Map Maker still has better coverage than Navteq but I was surprised
to see detailed roads for Boracay in OVI Maps. But since they don't show
POIs on the map (only searchable), I can't tell if they have extensive POI
data as well.
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