[talk-ph] Navteq/Nokia finally shows their mapping data for the Philippines

Ray rayosm1234 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 8 00:13:59 GMT 2010

Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. schrieb:
> I think the best way to detect theft of data is an old and proven one,
> making certain (privately documented) mistakes on purpose, so you can
> check if the map in question includes it. As most of you well know, it's
> not possible to copyright reality, but fiction (erroneous data is
> fiction) is copyrightable.
> However, I'm not sure what's the consensus for introducing errors on
> purpose?

We are creating a map of reality, not one of errors. If someone notice 
your error he will hopefully correct it and you have no pointer anymore.

Keep in mind, that open also means that anybody can use the data as he 
likes, even sell it. He only has to mention the creator (openstreetmap 
is enough) and the license (CC-by-SA).


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