[talk-ph] online databse of Philippine parcel data

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 03:13:36 GMT 2010

https://www.mapsys.ph by CREBALAND

Give it a run. We can probaly larn a few mapping tricks or so.

Welcome to MapSys - the Philippines’ first real, fully automated
parcellary mapping system online.

MapSys creates information-packed, visually-appealing Parcel Vicinity
Maps that show YOUR parcel's geo-referenced location and
configuration, its geophysical attributes, and the geographic and
spatial features of its vicinity or locality.

MapSys serves you your parcel map in just about a minute.

The generated parcel maps will enable you to accurately locate the
parcel on the ground, just by using a compass and your car’s odometer
(or a GPS equipment if you will). It will also show you if your source
document – i.e. title or survey plan – is erroneous or defective in
its description of the parcel.

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