[talk-ph] Dinagat Islands is no longer a province

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 15:36:16 GMT 2010

It seems that the Supreme Court nullified RA 9355, or the act that created
the province of Dinagat Islands from Surigao del Norte <
The SC says that the creation did not meet the requirements for the creation
of a new province according to the Local Government Code in terms of income,
population, and land area.

This comes after the SC also nullified the creation of Shariff Kabunsuan
province from Maguindanao back in 2008.

So, would anyone care to delete the node pertaining to Dinagat Islands?
That's the only thing we need to do to update OSM since there is no land
border. Also, the is_in tags of the municipality place nodes still refer to
Surigao del Norte so no updating there is needed too. GNS, the source, was
not updated when Dinagat became a province. :-)
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