[talk-ph] Announcing: OSM-PH Marikina Mapping Party

Andre Marcelo-Tanner andre at enthropia.com
Sun Feb 28 11:47:29 GMT 2010

I agree with the small details on the posters.
Also agree with Ronny on the URLs, it isnt a webpage. We could use OSMPH 
domain but even that is long, how bout something like 
bit.ly/MarikinaMappingParty or something very easy to remember. and I 
suggest 1 link only. Maybe to the wiki page or the Facebook event page, 
whichever works better for newbies. Also the link should be much bigger. 
Looking at the poster tells me nothing about how do i join or where to 
go. There needs to be a large Call to Action, like To Join Visit 

all the other details as Eugene said work better in a brochure. The 
brain can only process so much information when passing by a poster. 
Also I suggest putting the main information on the black background 
since that stands out more.

Will these be placed around the places in Marikina

In regards to the event, where would we be meeting exactly, what if 
someone had no internet but wanted to join, they couldnt just go to 
those big malls, an exact location is needed too maybe.


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