[talk-ph] Is this spam? (boracay)

Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. raw at develo.ltd.uk
Sun Feb 28 15:46:03 GMT 2010

Personally, I don't think so. The hotel is not represented any different 
from the other hotels on the island. If they had set the name to 
"Boracay Residences - rooms from P500", then yes, bus as it stands, it 
seems perfectly fine to me.

I've personally added shops I like to the map, both to improve the map 
and to give them a (at least theoretical) competitive edge. For example 
one time my wheel bearing broke down completely and a very friendly 
vulcanazing shop in Angeles 
(http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/node/494626516) helped me get the 
parts and assemble it very quickly, without overcharging me, even though 
I am a foreigner :) As I was tracing anyway, I of course put his shop on 
the map (although the map doesn't seem to display vulcanizing shops 
yet). There are hundreds of other vulcanizing shops in the area, but I 
didn't have time to put them all. Would that classify as spam?
I doubt it, it's just improving the map bit by bit, isn't it?


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