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:) Like your post, will respond to some of them later.  For now, I
would like to report that I am rectifying some imagery along Eastern
Bulacan.  This will greatly expand our mapping beyond these areas.

On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:06 PM,  <riber101-osm at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi fellow OSM mappers!
> As a newbie you might wonder why to invest your effort in OSM rather than
> Google Maps that seems to be present everywhere.
> Well, Google currently have better general coverage than OSM here in the
> Philippines.
> Try to compare Laoag
> City http://tools.geofabrik.de/mc/index.html?mt0=googlemap&mt1=mapnik&lon=120.59&lat=18.19&z=14 and
> you will see how "far" Google is ahead.
> So why use OSM?
> Because:
> OSM maps are in general more accurate than Google Maps
> OSM will eventually be much more detailed than Google for all of the
> Philippines
> The maps are free for everybody to use - now and in the future
> OSM is snowballing and right now is gaining momentum that will ensure it
> will see more and more public and official use
> You are not helping Google increase their income from adds
> I have just finished adding road names to Bay Breeze in Taguig and adjusted
> the traces of the roads to fit a trace I did.
> Basically I have been there on my bike, up and down every road and taken
> geocoded photos of every street sign.
> I KNOW the area by now. When I did a compare with Google after finishing the
> job I found that Google had missed 30% of the roads in the area.
> I recently had a similar experience when mapping Valley View where Google
> had roads not connected, missing, and roads where no roads where.
> Personally I like the rendering in Google and their availability in
> software, on the internet and on phones.
> But I had a wake up call cause the mapping done by Google mappers is almost
> solely based on satellite images by people WITHOUT local knowledge.
> I tried to sign up for Google Mapmaker to make a few corrections to my
> neighbourhood. Now more than a week after I'm still not able to make the
> desired changes because of Google's moderator system. People from India,
> with absolutely NO local knowledge, moderate my changes and comment that
> they don't correspond to the satellite image!
> Google's mapmaker is a nightmare. If you add a GPS trace it's impossible to
> draw a road on top. The moderator system makes it very hard to make
> adjustments that are not supported by the satellite images.
> So basically Google Mapmaker is nothing more than getting people to convert
> their satellite images to maps for free. So in general, those areas of the
> world where Google Mapmaker is available APPEARS to have good map coverage,
> but the QUALITY is abysmal.
> By making it so hard to make changes to Google Map Google are shooting
> themselves in the foot. Their maps will remain LOW QUALITY.
> However one thing Google does well is making it very easy to enter POI and
> standardise on the information that can be stored for their maps.
> Anyway, if OSM publicly get know for lower coverage, but accurate mapping,
> then more and more people will begin using OSM and assist in maintaining the
> OSM map.
> Happy mapping
> Sehested
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