[talk-ph] changes of raod types

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Wed Jan 27 04:46:09 GMT 2010

Just found a bit of time to give my thoughts on this Road Types thread. A lot has been discussed, so I'll just give a few of my thoughts on the matter without directly referencing the posts. 

 - Yes, roads in the Philippines are not like roads elsewhere! And as such they don't neatly fit into the classifications of OSM! I think we all agree on that one. 

 - Tracks: I generally consider a track as an unsurfaced road (gravel or dirt, but not concrete, tarmac). Where it makes sense I've been marking them as such. 

 - Where it doesn't make sense to me is where they're the ONLY roads around. If the dirt road is the main thoroughfare from one place to another I believe it deserves to be treated as such. My reasons for this are largely cosmetic: imagine looking at a zoomed out map of an area: if all the roads in that area are tracks, then none of them will show up on the zoomed out map. If we elevate some of the dirt tracks to the level of tertiary, for example, then they will actually show up on the zoomed out map. 

So I guess where I'm going with this is tracks are tracks, except when CONTEXT dictates they're more than tracks. And where the USABILITY of the map would be improved by upgrading them.

 - I agree that if you don't know what a road is like it should be marked as highway=road or highway=unclassified, (I'm probably with the highway=unclassified group, from a usability perspective) but also, if you can see from the satellite image you're tracing that its the ONLY road in that area, or by far the biggest, then I feel that it should probably be elevated.  

 - By far the most important thing is to get the roads on the map. So if you're hesitating whether to put the road in or not, because you don't know how to tag it ... put it in and tag it wrong! It can always be fixed later. 

 - If anything I think we should be moving towards reducing the number of road classifications rather than split hairs about whether a path is a hiking track, or whether a primary road is a primary_link or not. The more gradations we have, the harder it is to pick the right one. 

OK, I've probably talked myself into a world of trouble here ... I'd better stop. Just my 2 centavos.


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