[talk-ph] changes of raod types

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 05:26:10 GMT 2010

> If we elevate some of the dirt tracks to the level of tertiary, for example, then they will actually show up on the zoomed out map.

You can always do highway=tertiary tracktype=grade1

>  - By far the most important thing is to get the roads on the map. So if you're hesitating whether to put the road in or not, because you don't know how to tag it ... put it in and tag it wrong! It can always be fixed later.

>  - If anything I think we should be moving towards reducing the number of road classifications rather than split hairs about whether a path is a hiking track, or whether a primary road is a primary_link or not. The more gradations we have, the harder it is to pick the right one.

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