[talk-ph] cebu map errors

Totor totor_osm at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 14:13:25 BST 2010


Thanks for the comments about Cebu.
If you have noticed names to add or correct, please add them.

I try to add road names when I can, but I'm "local" since 5 years only. I still need to rely on road name signs, and they are quite rare in many parts of Cebu. I also used shop signboards, but its difficult to drive and look out of the passenger window at the same time ^_^ 

So often I just add the road without name, hoping that others, eventually without GPS, will add them...

Regarding the separate ways, I started to add them in Mactan and Mandaue. I come less often in the center/south of Cebu city, so I don't have reliable traces of both lanes. But little by little I correct the double carriage ways there too.

Unfortunately there is no satellite imagery available here, so all needs to be traced by GPS.



--- On Mon, 7/12/10, tutubi  wrote:
> From: tutubi 
> Subject: [talk-ph] cebu map errors
> To: "talk-ph" <talk-ph at openstreetmap.org>
> Date: Monday, July 12, 2010, 5:37 AM
> hi!
> just came back from a recent trip in Cebu City...here are
> some of my
> observations on OSM there:
> some of major roads i passed by between cebu city, mandaue,
> and the
> airport have no names (even long portions of M.L. Quezon
> highway
> leading to Mactan shrine)
> Some segments of Juan Luna Avenue, including the SM Cebu
> segment, has
> a center island therefore should be depicted as two
> separate ways .
> this will mess up routing in the area as well and
> considering it's a
> frequently visited place
> I will correct the missing names later but, again, I can't
> make
> corrections on Juan Luna though, better let a local edit
> it



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