[talk-ph] Kalayaan Group of Islands boundary

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Thee is a chance that a possible edit war *could* happen, but it would be best if the editors from the other countries add the claims of their home countries (within the Spratlys). The downside to it is that it can be confusing due to overlapping claims. At least it's better than a possible revert-remove other claims-add own claims edit war.

BTW, I was planning to extend the boundary to the Scarborough Shoal (which is considered as part of Philippine territory due to geographical proximity, clamied by China due to its historical importance) and Island of Palmas area (not part of Philippine territory per a decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in 1928), but I think that that's too much (for now). And it's more clear that Sabah and the Palmas area are no longer parts of Philippine territory (in my opinion).

PS: I could add a boundary (with admin_level=6) around the islands in the Spratlys that are "controlled" by the Philippines, since Kalayaan is al municipality in Palawan.

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Ian has started adding the US-Spain-UK border treaty limits around the Sabah-Spratly Islands area: http://osm.org/go/4lauR

Do you think this would invite edit wars from other OSMers in countries that also claim some or all of the Spratlys?

In addition (warning: geeky), the border treaty limits were stated via geographic coordinates but in an unspecified geographic datum. Do you think these are applicable to the WGS84 datum we are using?

Eugene (osm:seav)

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