[talk-ph] Ready for the OSM-PH Marikina Mapping Party

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Fri Mar 19 03:06:12 GMT 2010


We're all set for the mapping party tomorrow:

At least 13 people confirmed.  We have 5 gps units available for loan
and loads of walking-papers to scribble on. :)  Ed will lead the data
collection for good eats, theme parks, museums, heritage places,
historical places, trade hubs, and specialty crafts.

Two companies (a GIS IT, and a GPS tracking and monitoring service)
are interested in seeing us in action (how we collect and use the
data).  For people interested in developing services out of OSM data,
this is a great opportunity for you to discuss  with these companies.

NAVCO (a local Garmin distributor) will provide a 30% discount for
their Nuvi units, exclusive to mappers who will attend the event.

After the data editing session in the afternoon, there will be an
informal socials.  No agenda, just an extra time to share more mapping

There will be several simultaneous kwentuhan.  Of course,  everyone
can participate:
1. Finalization of the OSM-PH local chapter
2. Eugene will teach me how to use Merkaartor :)
3. I will teach Rally some techniques on compiling the OSM-PH Garmin Map

All for now.  See you in Marikina.

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