[talk-ph] route to roosevelt ave, QC

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Fri Mar 19 09:31:23 GMT 2010

roosevelt avenue is a four-lane road in QC. it has no center island
except a few meters from EDSA corner and also at the corner of Frisco.
A portion of it needs to be corrected from EDSA to de Jesus. can
somebody correct this as i might mess this up?

i tested routing to get home since i live near Roosevelt but it always
want me to drive up to NLEX :(

the expected route should be to make a U-turn after passing the corner
of EDSA and Congressional then right to Roosevelt

my usual route to Roosevelt from EDSA northbound (SM North and
Trinoma) is a U-turn at Bansalangin (Shell, Veterans Village) to avoid
traffic at EDSA Munoz (where the U-turn slot is too far and Munoz
market is clogged with jeepneys) and also a faster way to WalterMart

If i pass by another alternate route of mine via Quezon Avenue from
Centris Station, right to Examiner, right to West Avenue, left to
Baler, the suggested route will also get me lost or take me to a
longer path. I noticed it since it's a very simple turn right to
Roosevelt from Baler but instead directed me to turn left (that leads
to Quezon Avenue).

debugging time, eh?

I explore, therefore I blog.


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