[talk-ph] First time to post..testing things out..

Bart Bartolome linuxbastard at paglalakbay.com
Sat Mar 20 16:35:40 GMT 2010

Hi Guys,

First off, thanks to the guys who organized the first Marikina Mapping 
Party. Shout-outs to Maning, Eugene, Andrei, Rally, Ernest (and his 
partner *wink* *wink*), Ed (where'd you go after Jollibee?), and Parker.

Just getting into editing the data I have from the mapping party.  Got 
two nodes edited, saved and uploaded.  How long do the changes take to 
appear on the OSM map?

Maning, talked to my mom a while ago, she gave me a name, but can't 
recall it just now, someone who handles promoting the shoe industry in 
Marikina.  She told me that we'll have better luck approaching suppliers 
directly but I'll give you the name tomorrow anyway.

I was able to install Merkaartor on Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala using the 
deb package for Hardy Heron.  It's been running for a bit now and I was 
able to upload successfully. Waiting for changes to appear before I 
continue.  Eugene, you are right, if I make the upload description too 
long, I end up with an error.  I'm keeping it below 100 characters to be 
safe so I'm not making too many changes per upload to keep the 
descriptions meaningful.

When I checked the mailing list the last post for the ph list was about 
more than a year ago?  Is that the case or is my newsreader reading this 
mailing list incorrectly?

Excited to continue with mapping hopefully everything works.


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