[talk-ph] how to tag demolished structures

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 10:27:47 GMT 2010

I asked bart (linuxbastard) to confirm what he reported (during the
mapping party) as demolished buildings along this area:


He confirmed that it was really demolished.  See his response below:

Hi Maning,

Confirmed na. wala na yung buildings. Overgrown na siya, parang
forest. Ang natira na lang is gate tsaka may guardhouse na abandoned.
Wala na rin yung ibang mga service road around the buildings except
yung straight from the gate.

Attached yung mga pictures from the road beside it.

How do we properly remove such structures in the data? Do we:
1. Simply delete
2. Tag them as building=demolished

Several years from now, it would be interesting to look at OSM's
history for changes like this (urban sprawl, re-development, land
conversion, etc).

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